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Sunday Afternoon: I Gets Deep

I’m late to the party on eLZhi — thankfully, the good folks at Passion of the Weiss have allowed me to redeem my late pass for points and prizes like The Leftovers UnMixedtape. From where I’m sitting, the tape’s grand prize is the Black Milk-produced “Deep,” a slick boom-bap bombshell with a beat that science has determined makes you drive faster, and slick lyrics to match. It’s a pretty dope pre-Christmas present for hip-hop heads, and a nice track to have racing through your head as you head into the late games. Enjoy, ballers.


Au revoir, childhood love of Lenny Dykstra

EDITOR’S NOTE: As I’ve been exhuming this blog over the past couple of days, I’ve found that I had a couple handfuls of draft posts saved up.  Some of them never went live for totally understandable reasons — they needed a Photoshop job that I never got to, a joke needed tweaking, etc. — and this was one of them.  Had the video, but never wrote what I wanted to.  So, here it is, hopefully as awkward and fun as I’d initially hoped. – DD

Seems like a pretty chill video of Roger McDowell and Lenny Dykstra having a woefully uncomfortable interview with Martha Quinn on MTV before the Mets went to the World Series in 1986.

Seems that way. Except for when Martha Quinn asks them what kind of band they’d like to be in, Lenny Dykstra says, “If I was in a band, I’d like to be in a band like Huey Lewis.”

Which is a sick bummer when you grew up worshipping Lenny Dykstra.  When you taught yourself how to hit lefty even though you were right-handed just because that’s how Nails hit. When you made your mom get “DYKSTRA 4” iron-ons for the back of your replica Mets “jersey” (which, back in the late ’80s, was basically a nylon T-shirt).

When you started to develop a soft spot for Duran Duran just because they were the dudes who sang “Wild Boys,” which was the song that played during the landmark montage sequence of Nails/Wally Backman hustle plays that totally tied together the 1986 Mets: A Year to Remember commemorative video — a soft spot that would later grow even softer when an 11- or 12-year-old you liked “Ordinary World” a little too much and started to wonder if that made you gay.

OK, let’s get back on track. Here’s that “Wild Boys” montage:

Seems like a hard-rocking WildBro wouldn’t want to be caught dead being “hip to be square.” But then, I guess I’m not the first person Lenny Dykstra has totally bummed out recently.

Still, though, it’s pretty sad. Feel like I need something to pick me up and boost my spirits.  Um … don’t mind me.  Just gonna go watch some football and make love to a woman.  BRB.

The first three words that pop into Brian Cashman’s head at all times

F*** my life.”

Associated Press photo, via Yahoo! Sports’ MLB photo gallery. Inspiration, obviously, via here.

Sunday Morning: Today, Take More Drugs than a Touring Funk Band

Ah, Mclusky. We hardly knew ye.

Sadly, I am coughing and sniffling like a pixelated soon-to-be casualty on “The Oregon Trail,” so the drugs I’m going to spend today taking won’t be nearly as fun as the ones these fine Welshmen were talking about.  Here’s hoping sheer Cardiff-based rockness (and an overdose amount of Emergen-C) will be enough to get my ship righted again.  But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t partake of a little of the narco-Fun-Dip.  Hey, as long as you can wake up for work, it’s no big deal, right?   It’s not a habit, it’s cool.  I feel alive.

Back tomorrow, gang.  Stop by the Twitter page to see my intermittent comedy stylings.  Enjoy the veal.




Photo via Facebook via Denny Does.