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Athlete Christmas Lists: David Diehl

Hey Santa!  What’s up, man?  That’s good, REAL good — bet you’re excited for the big night, huh?  Fuckin’ game day, right?  I’d be so psyched.  You’re gonna kill it, bro, don’t even fuckin’ sweat it.

Things are fuckin’ AWESOME here, man.  Healthy, happy, on a team that occasionally gets its shit together … can’t ask for much more’n’that, bro, right?

Come on, man, hell yeah I can! It’s Christmas! Segue king, right? If you could hook me up with a couple of these, it’d be huge. HUGE. Thanks, champ.

  1. The five-disc set of SCTV Vol. 3. Nah, don’t sweat it, chief — already got the first two. Fuckin’ LOVE improv.
  2. Crate of Sport Beans. Sometimes you need to just fuckin’ explode your performance.
  3. Sick 10-speed. Endurance.
  4. Sick 10-speed blender. Fuckin’ protein.
  5. Hangover on DVD.

Take ‘er easy,