Athlete Christmas Lists: Louis Amundson

Hai Santar Klause. Thee time of Noel brings moch Joyeux to thee Amundson faimylee — my munder, Grental; my fandhur, Sifrej; und my sistahrl, Sheila.  I am howping you wheel give me owl thee *.gifs I desahr; I hav been one vary gud boy for many munds.

  1. One wahl postahr of D2: Thee Maitee Dux, co-stahring my cosinn;
  2. Hongolvar on DVD;
  3. Thee Kahmpleet Studyo Ahlbooms Bachs of Thee Sugourcyoobes, mai faivoorit band;
  4. So moch keendlung;
  5. Goodwheel toewhahrd MIMS.

Gud bai bai,


2 responses to “Athlete Christmas Lists: Louis Amundson

  1. You know he’s not European right…

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