A slapdash compendium of things that have made me laugh recently

  • That the Chase Budinger Asher Roth record was shelved in the Country aisle of Target’s music section when I went there to buy “Madden ’10” and “NCAA ’10.”


  • That there is an art gallery on Newbury Street in Boston called “The Martin Lawrence Gallery.”  Wonder if they have that new Brother Man exhibit, or if the collection focuses mostly on the “Black Knight” period.


  • The least romantic meeting place ever (via my office building). And yes, those are rose petals.


  • An old poster promoting the DVD release of “What Happens in Vegas,” defaced with what I’ve taken to calling “the Kutchshot.”


  • The idea that Eddy Curry + curry powder + “Powder” could = Eddy Curry Powder, and the idea that someone with Photoshop skills could make something beautiful out of that.
  • That my friend nicknamed me “The Dad Whisperer,” owing to my estimable talents at engaging parents in conversation, and that another friend’s first reaction was to begin acting out the “Horse Whisperer” psyche-out from “BASEketball” (head to the 3:23 mark):

What’s made you laugh recently, y’all? Tell Andre Dawson here.


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