David Diehl: Adequate offensive lineman, virtuoso impressionist/comedy stylist

UPDATE! Technical difficulties be damned! We now have video, courtesy of Peter Wade at the fine Brooklyn Mutt. Of course, we still recommend that you visit the Star-Ledger’s site and give them your business, as they were the originators of this compelling, compelling content.

We’d also like to thank the folks at Can’t Stop the Bleeding for linking to us this afternoon. To show how truly thankful I am, I’ve moved the enlarged photo of a smiling David Diehl, along with my witty caption, from the top of the post to the bottom.

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In a performance that makes Dana Carvey’s turn in The Master of Disguise look like Hulk Hogan’s effort in Rocky III, New York Giants offensive lineman David Diehl blew the doors off of Manhattan comedy club Comix last night.  The ad wizards that came up with this one decided that the best vehicle for Diehl’s short-form improv skills would be a dinner scene in which he played former NFL MVP/more recently former NFL season killer/current lawn-wrangling interloper Brett Favre.  And you’re not going to believe this: Diehl plays him as indecisive.

Hilarity ensues, Waiting for Guffman is real, and my boss just came to the realization that Jimmie “J.J.” Walker was “really a minstrel, huh?”  Happy Thursday.  Who needs a drink?

EDITOR’S NOTE: Apparently, WordPress and NJ.com aren’t exactly on speaking terms, and the extent of WordPress’ video-embedding help is, “Um, try VodPod?”  While this particular David Diehl video isn’t exactly must-have video, if anyone out there can help a brother figure out how to make the video work here, I’d certainly appreciate it.

"Hey, check out my mouth's impression of a picket fence."


3 responses to “David Diehl: Adequate offensive lineman, virtuoso impressionist/comedy stylist

    • Thanks for commenting, Seth, but it doesn’t appear to be there — the link you posted just brings us to Mike Garafolo’s blog post about the evening. No video. The link I provided in the post does go to the video, though.

      Now, if you really wanted to be a pal, Seth, you’d help out our readers by shooting me an e-mail with some ideas for getting the NJ.com video player and WordPress to work together better. Can I count on you?

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