Big LBJ Freestyle Visual Rap Song ’09, Part 1

What do you do when you’re LeBron James, master of all you survey, and you’ve got eight days off between the end of your Cavs squad’s four-game whitewashing of the Atlanta Hawks and the start of your Eastern Conference Finals matchup with Turkish Basketball Jones anchor Hedo Turkoglu‘s Orlando Magic?

You find creative ways to fill the time, that’s what.  Like stepping into a West Akron booth and cutting your own updated version of the late Big L’s “’98 Freestyle.”  The original features nowhere-near-suitable-for-work language and is utterly, utterly awesome.  Please to be listening:

Only one problem: Friggin’ recording engineers lost the masters of the session.  Luckily, a pair of reliable this is the city line. tipsters present for the proceedings — let’s call them “Molante,” for the sake of identity protection — scribbled down the King’s lyrics.  (Their stenography was impressive, capturing James’ undeniable passion and intriguing penchant for self-censoring, as well as his often questionable spelling.)

In the interest of taking you inside the mind of one of the most compelling athletes of these or any times, we’ve taken the liberty of producing a visual representation of the lines that LeBron spit.  We now share the first batch of images with you; the remaining verses are still in artist’s rendering, and will be made available as soon as possible.  For now, though, we hope you enjoy this THIS IS THE CITY LINE. EXCLUSIVE presentation.













Sounds to me like LeBron’s ready for Game 1 tonight.


5 responses to “Big LBJ Freestyle Visual Rap Song ’09, Part 1

  1. But what about his relations with girls when he was roughly 6 or 7? No insight?

  2. You win, sir. You truly win.

  3. The Big L ’98 Freestyle doesn’t sound suspiciously tight? Apparently he admitted that he wrote those lines*, making shit markedly less ill. MC Shattered Glass aka Fibs da Dibbler aka Rumzfeld. R.I.P.

    *Source: The comments below that clip. Yep, air tight.

  4. comparin lebron to duncan, i had no idea lebron was that big

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