THIS IS THE CITY LINE. EXCLUSIVE: A first look at “Meme-met” Okur

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you know a lot about Utah Jazz center/forward Mehmet Okur. Like, for example, that this is him:

Or that he has (at least statistically) had a pretty solid season, averaging more than 17 points and 8 rebounds in about 34 minutes per game this season, posting a very nice PER (18.23) that puts him just outside of the top-50 in the league as of Interweb press time.  Or that he and fellow NBA kindofstar Hedo Turkoglu both hail from Turkey, where they have risen to prominence hosting a hyperlocal Turkish version of The Basketball Jones, a popular Internet sports program.


What you might not know about Mr. Okur is that he loves Internet memes, often confusing teammates like Andrei Kirilenko by discussing lulz-generating memes with which they are not familiar.  He has also recently signed up for a user account at Encyclopedia Dramatica under the username “LiveOrMemoWrecks,” though it appears he has not yet begun contributing to the satiric Wiki-based community.  He’s even taken to personally participating in a number of memes, which one has to assume that Jazz head coach Jerry Sloan will not find amusing.

Thanks to the particular brand of investigative journalism you can find only at a Web site categorized on WeFollow under the hashtags “#sports,” “#sportsblogs” and “#comedy,” this is the city line. has unearthed several of Mr. Okur’s meme contributions.  As always, the door remains open to future discovery — if you, or anyone you know, come across what you believe to be an Okur-generated meme, titcl. staff asks that you please e-mail us so that we may add your findings to our ever-growing collection.

An important note: This site doesn’t purport to be especially adept in meme analytics — we tend to leave such critical dissection to experts like goathair and Carles.  That said, we would respectfully submit that these entries have limited stickiness, and that in their production, Mr. Okur has evinced no real talent for crafting higher-level memes.  We will, however, let you be the judge of that.  Without further ado:





Jazz Camp Basketball

EDITOR’S NOTE: While there has been no photo-editing of this digital image in accordance with any specific meme, titcl. staffers believe Okur may have submitted the photo to the Tumblr site White NBA Players Who Look Like Abusive Husbands, which is rumored to be in negotiations for a book deal.




4 responses to “THIS IS THE CITY LINE. EXCLUSIVE: A first look at “Meme-met” Okur

  1. This gave me the laughers.

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