Welcome to Frowntown, Devine

Blog post about lack of time for blogging … engaged.

Keeping it simple: Work is plentiful, time is not, creativity is stifled, me llamo Eeyore. A plethora of deadlines will likely keep me incommunicato through week’s end, though my addiction to GReader/shares/memes prob’ly won’t cease. If you’re someone who looks here to waste a few minutes of your day, I apologize for wasting your time … or, wait, that’s what you wanted. I’m sorry to have not wasted your time. See you soon.


2 responses to “Welcome to Frowntown, Devine

  1. Sometimes the phrases in your ‘tags’ section are my favorite thing, and that’s a hard decision as I generally love the, you know, writing in the body of the blogs.

    I’m in Milwaukee.

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