OFF-TOPIC: Vaya con dios, Silver

Sad news this morning via The Associated Press: Actor Ron Silver has died at the age of 62.  The wire obit’s got some potentially interesting information about his 9/11-related political conversion, which I didn’t know about, and an esteemed stage career, which I also didn’t know about.

The only things I’d ever seen Ron Silver do that stuck in my mind were his roles as political strategist Bruno Gianelli in The West Wing and the indestructible villain in Heat Vision and Jack, a never-picked-up absurdist comedy pilot about a sometimes-genius astronaut and his talking motorcycle that remains one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen.  If you never have, and have a half-hour to kill, it’s below.  I’d recommend it for a lot of reasons; the late Mr. Silver’s willingness to poke fun at himself and his “serious actor” profile is definitely one.  Sorry that the thing I remember him for is kind of goofy, but I suppose there are worse ways to remember someone.


4 responses to “OFF-TOPIC: Vaya con dios, Silver

  1. Heat Vision and Jack was hilarious. A good buddy of mine got me into it. He used to have a Sega Saturn with a Japanese Wrestling game where he named Sting “O.S. Sting” because this was the happy, surfer Sting, not the “Crow” Sting. Good times.

  2. i forgot to mention “o.s.” stood for “Old School”

  3. Wasn’t he in Time Cop?

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