Looking back on the week that was, all whilst feeling like lukewarm crud

It’s been a fun week here at this is the city line., though it’s been a long one at the Clark Kent job — the first three days were brutal, which led to me entering the office yesterday unable to think of anything but “F*** my life,” “I’d rather be anywhere than here” and “I gotta get outta this place.” So I did, shuffled off to a bar, watched my alma mater predictably fall well short of defeating Louisville, bought my bride-to-be lunch and a number of cocktails, then got drunk and fell asleep before 30 Rock started. All told, that makes Thursday a win, but it also made for a sneaky hangover this morning, so I’m just sort of trying to rumble through the midrange darkness and get out of here today with a respectable loss.

We started the week off by remembering Biggie and calling podcasts, then received some more great advice from our smartest, tallest friend, and gazed into the eyes of a wistful Buffalonian for whom present potential recalls only past passions. And then there was THING FIGHT, which I hope you enjoyed as much as I did (though I’m quite certain you didn’t). I leave the door open to the possibility that more nonsense is coming this afternoon, but it is unlikely. I am trying just to get my e-mail count down to zero; that will be a victory today.

As always, thank you for reading and giving me a place to go with the weird buzzing in my head. Be safe this weekend, and we’ll see you Monday. And now, because why not, here’s the first link that comes up in a YouTube search for “rock hard abs.” Enjoy!


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