OFF-TOPIC: The greatest rapper of all time died on March 9

Today marks 12 years since The Notorious B.I.G. got killed. Tons of people way better versed than I am in every topic related to this artist — his life, his death, his music, his iconography, his impact, etc. — have weighed in on this anniversary in the past, with most of those posts/essays/articles/screeds being brought out of mothballs and polished up today. (In the interest of one-stop shopping for audiophiles, Antone over at Hip 2 Da Game has updated the tribute post he wrote last year with a bunch of rare and unreleased tracks for your listening pleasure.)

There are a lot of amazing songs to choose from when you want to remember how much fun it was to listen to Biggie. (Feel free you leave yours in the comments.) Here’s one that I always love returning to: “Notorious Thugs,” the great collaboration track he recorded with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. Hope you can take a couple of minutes and enjoy.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Based on some of the searches that are bringing people here this morning, I’m getting the sense that some of you might be looking for the song containing the lyric used in the headline. It’s Canibus’ “Second Round Knockout,” the last track the venerated freestyler made before L.L. Cool J effectively ended his mic life by saying that 99 percent of Canibus fans didn’t exist. (Which is true.) Video of that cut — featuring Mike Tyson helping Can re-enact the Ill Simmons-loved “Rocky and Apollo training on the beach” meme — follows.


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