In which Devine calls a football podcast, forgets that he writes a joke blog and asks a “real” question

One of my favorite daily destinations as a football fan is Yahoo! Sports’ NFL blog Shutdown Corner, edited by sports blogging legend The Mighty MJD (whose independent former home, while no longer updated, is still well worth the readin’ as an archive of smart, funny writing).  It strikes just the right balance between respecting the game and those who make it great and remembering that, at base, there are a lot of problems with the country’s most popular professional athletic association, many of which are quite funny (and some of which are not).

I saw a post there last Thursday soliciting questions for the latest edition of the blog’s “On the Corner” podcast, which is always a fun listen, if only for the interplay between MJD and friend/host Danks. Having nothing better to do and loving nothing more than the sound of my own voice, I called in and stammered my way through a question about my beloved New York Giants’ newly acquired defensive line depth. Thankfully, MJD and Danks were kind enough to take pity on my bumbling ass, put my question on air (on-Web?) and have a very reasoned discussion about it.  (They handle my query at around the 33:25 mark.)

Please support these fine men and their finer work (and, by extension, the chances of me being able to call again at some point in the future and maybe say the name of the site I write or something) by checking out the podcast post here and subscribing to their highly enjoyable podcast via iTunes. Or, if you’re so inclined, click the link below to listen:

On the Corner, Podcast #18: Terrell Owens and You

Many thanks for putting me on, fellas. Next time I’ll see if I can’t, I don’t know, provide something interesting to discuss.


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