Sunday Morning: You have muscles. Use them.

The North Carolina rock beast Superchunk turns 20 years old this year, a ridiculous achievement made all the more impressive by the fact that they still have some stomp to them (check out 2007’s “Misfits and Mistakes”) and that they’re still more-or-less active — news broke a couple of weeks ago that they’ll be releasing a new EP next month, they’ll be playing Coachella this year, and they’re expected to headline the upcoming Merge Records anniversary party.  All of which is to say, I’ve had Superchunk on the brain of late.

I like the latter-day, grown-up Superchunk stuff like 2001’s Here’s to Shutting Up, but I flat-out LOVE the quintessential (and also just plain essential) mid-’90s indie rock that they cranked out.  “Hyper Enough” is probably the best song from that era, but “Precision Auto” is probably the one I’ve listened to most and that elicits the most basic “rock music is great” reaction in me.  I invite you to dig in, get amped for about two and a half minutes, then rip through a nice little day of whatever the fuck it is you all do when you’re not reading me.  We’ll get back to it tomorrow.


2 responses to “Sunday Morning: You have muscles. Use them.

  1. Superchunk played a benefit for our friend Cy Rawls last year, and the music is available at

    People pledged $100 each for individual song requests, so there are some classics there (Hyper Enough, but not Precision Auto). All money raised goes to brain cancer research in honor of Cy. I’m a volunteer with CyTunes.

    • Thanks for reading, Jeff, and for the head’s up as to the set. I’m sorry to hear about your fallen friend, and I think the fundraising efforts you’re carrying on in his memory are admirable.

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