Frank Isola + Myself = DiscoveryBros


His face may be blurry, but his discoveries aren't!

Y’know, I’m really not a fan of the name of New York Daily News beat writer Frank Isola’s “Knicks Knation” (ugh) blog, but dammit, dude keeps firing off stuff worth reading. Case in point: last night’s “Six degress of Obama” missive linking everyone’s favorite 44 (sorry, KVH, though we’ve still got mad love for you) to the orange and blue. Dig in with me, won’t you?

We have discovered a peculiar link between the Knicks and President Obama that has nothing to do with Chris Duhon’s relationship with Reggie Love, his former Duke teammate who is an aide/body guard/power forward to the President.

The Knicks of Two Penn Plaza and the President of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue are connected because of the NBA’s former first family of nuttiness, Antonio and Kendra Davis.

You may remember Antonio running into the stands at the United Center in Chicago because he believed an unruly fan had touched his wife and threatened her.


For those who don’t recall, here’s the incident in question:

This unfortunate though ultimately (and thankfully) mellow — I’m not quite sure what to call it; not a fracas, donnybrook, scuffle or melee due to lack of violence, but certainly something happened … maybe a to-do? no, wait, I’ve got it kerfuffle took place the season after the Pacers-Pistons beef in Auburn Hills, and as such led to Davis’ suspension.

Scene set? Everyone familiar? Back to Isola’s post:

The fan in question was Michael Axelrod, the son of top Obama advisor David Axelrod who along with the President attended last week’s Bulls-Wizards.

The elder Axelrod, of course, is the architect of the coalition-congealing hopespeak that catapulted Obama to the presidency (and, in my own fair state of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick to the governor’s office, as Adam Reilly of the Boston Phoenix detailed in the run-up to the election).

Isola goes on to rifle through some old clips to document how Kendra Davis doesn’t know karate but does know ca-razay, then calls it a night.  A good time was had by most.

One thing, though: “We have discovered a peculiar link between the Knicks and President Obama…”

Have we, sir?

From the aforelinked Jan. 20, 2006, Associated Press wire story:

Axelrod’s father, David, is a prominent Democratic political consultant in Chicago who has worked with Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and Chicago mayor Richard M. Daley.

From Chicago ABC affiliate WLS-TV’s Jan. 20, 2006, write-up:

The fan in question happens to be the son of prominent political strategist David Axelrod, and he has hired an attorney who plans to file suit against both Antonio and Kendra Davis for battery and slander.

From Howard Beck’s Jan. 23, 2006, New York Times piece:

Michael Axelrod, 22, was sitting in his father’s seats at the United Center last Wednesday for the Knicks-Bulls game. His brief dispute with Kendra Davis prompted Antonio Davis to go into the stands during a timeout. … ”I think people say things in the heat of the moment, and sometimes you have to get a little time and perspective,” said David Axelrod, a prominent consultant for the Democratic Party. Michael Axelrod’s only objective, his father said, was to clear his name.

From Antonio Davis’ freaking Wikipedia page:

The fan in question, Michael Axelrod, the son of David Axelrod, the 2008 campaign manager for Barack Obama, has stated that he was attacked by Davis’ wife, and his lawyer revealed plans to sue for roughly a million dollars and a public apology by the Davises.

So “discovery” means “repackaging ancient, long-since-asked-answered-and-set-aside ephemera”?  Siiiiiiiiick.

Hey guys, check it out! I just “discovered” the next really great Web site: Friendster!

I just discovered this HILARIOUS cutting-edge video:

I just “discovered” this really cool picture!

I just “discovered” these super intriguing continents!


“Discovering” stuff is easy, dude. So glad I learned how to “discover” things from Mr. Isola. I hope someone “discovers” this blog, adds some stuff that Maddox wrote six years ago and rolls it up into their burgeoning online partnership/network/Webehemoth. That’d be dope.


One response to “Frank Isola + Myself = DiscoveryBros

  1. When are we going to get the D.B. Sweeney in Life As We Know It reference to complete the teen-drama-cancelled-in-the-first-season trifecta?

    Also, every Big Baby “point forward” reference has me in stitches.

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