Sunday Morning Afternoon: When bands don’t matter as much, or your soul has died a little

Fountains of Wayne played about five minutes away from my house last night, but I didn’t go — to be honest, I had no idea they were going to be in Boston until the show was already sold out (and forgot about it until a couple of friends from college texted me last night to ask if I was going).  The more I thought about it, the more surprised I was that this happened.

Maybe it happened because I’ve undergone a tectonic midset shift from my college days, when I would almost never allow bands I liked to come to town without seeing them (or at least trying to scrounge cash to do so).  Maybe it speaks more to the fact that I was pretty bummed out by the way Fountains of Wayne blew up with “Stacy’s Mom” (my distaste for which is admittedly somewhat incongruous, since it can be argued that the song represented the logical apex of the sugar-pop style that made me love them), culminating in me not checking for either of the records they’ve released since.  Maybe it’s mostly about the fact that in the midst of an economic maelstrom, with an OK-but-not-great salary and a relative lack of personal discipline that prevents me from watching bands play without a drink attached to my hand, I need choose my pricey nights carefully.

Either way, it marked something of a chapter break in my mind and reminded me how much I enjoyed their stuff.  And since I couldn’t find their fantastic post-9/11 cover of the Kinks’ “Better Things” on “Conan” (which I swear used to be online), here’s a live version of one of their signpost songs, “Sink to the Bottom,” recorded during a 2007 set at the South Street Seaport in New York City.  Enjoy.

Watching basketball, eating a sandwich, staving off some afternoon/evening work and watching snow accumulate in Boston two days after the mercury verticaled up near 60.  Bummer nation.  At least Glen Davis: Point Forward keeps taking turnaround 17-footers that make me want to stab myself with a salad fork even though I don’t root for the Celtics.  It reminds me that I’m alive, which is nice.  See you tomorrow, friends.


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