Chris Wilcox often swings Mjolnir

(Photo courtesy of Daylife)

(AP photo/Nick Wass, via Daylife)

What do we know about reported newest New York Knick Chris Wilcox?

  1. Well, according to Basketball Reference, he’s worn #54 for three straight teams, a streak expected to reach four straight teams once he arrives in New York.
  2. He’s been a slightly-better-than-league-average big man during his career, posting a 15.7 Player Efficiency Rating since coming out of Maryland in 2002-03.
  3. He dunks with great ferocity and furious anger.

Even if you haven’t watched him play all that much, thanks to the Internet, you can get up to speed on his pick-and-roll-induced power.  Check out You Got Dunked On‘s recent run of posterizations by Mr. Wilcox.  Also, check out RIGHT HERE:

Cocking the hammer against the Blazers:

A weird Batman Returns-vibed commercial (FEATURING DUNKS):

Owning Rasho:

Welcome to New York, Chris.  Do a lot of that and not a lot of this and everything’ll be cream cheese.


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