True or false: David West looks like Gunn from “Angel”

I wondered off-hand last Friday if anyone could help me solve the conundrum of who New Orleans Hornets power forward David West looks like.  We ruled out rapper/producer David Banner and actor Columbus Short, but I could not rule out “the persian general who gets his head cut off by the fat guy with knifes on his arms in the movie 300,” because I have not seen that movie.  A new contender, courtesy of city. dweller Neal:

David West = The guy who plays Gunn on Angel….It had bothered me for a while too

Quick disclosure, I had noticed it right away, but what bothers me is that now every time I watch the Hornets, everyone in the room finds out that I know the details of minor characters in a Buffy The Vampire Slayer spin-off.

The guy who played Gunn on Angel was, of course, J. August Richards, who is apparently now on a show with Mark-Paul Gosselaar.  Well played, sir!

Anyway, let’s take a look at the contenders:

David West


J. August “Gunn” Richards


My gut reaction is to say “close, but no cigar,” but that’s just because I know Neal to be an inveterate racist who thinks all black people look alike.  If I didn’t have that immutable knowledge, I might be more inclined to say these two men do, in fact, look alike.

But certainly not all my readers are as racist as Neal.  What say you, readers?  Is my search for David West’s doppelganger at an end?


5 responses to “True or false: David West looks like Gunn from “Angel”

  1. Maybe, just maybe, you watch 24. To me, he looks like Curtis (Roger R. Cross) who died in season 4,5,6? anyyyyyway, just thought i’d throw you a bone to gnaw on for a bit. thanks for the reads.

    • I actually don’t watch 24. But I’ll be happy to throw Mr. Cross into a “True or false” post at another time, along with the Persian general from “300.” We must answer this question. Right now, it’s a goddamn landslide — all seven of my readers think that Neal nailed it.

  2. I was going to leave a quick gloating message before I head to my clan meeting, and then back home to vote for a second time from my computer there; but the numbers speak for themselves.

  3. I love that you misspelled “Klan.”

  4. I think David West does like like Gunn from Angel.

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