Punting on today, I’m afraid

Duty calls — been banging away at the keyboard since before 6 a.m., probably not going to finish up until after 10 p.m., and I don’t see much daylight available to be able to write something worth the time anyway.  My apologies to any who look here to waste five minutes of their miserable days, and we’ll try to get back after it tomorrow.  In the meantime, how’s about you join me in some guided meditation to the strains of Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros:


5 responses to “Punting on today, I’m afraid

  1. itsourwayornorway

    A man after my heart. Also linked to ‘John From Cincinnati’, a not-so-terrible as faulted show that saw Dylan McKay and Zack Morris (or Dennis Sweeny, for those paying close attention) unite only 15 years too late to matter. End ‘Clash Communique’………….

  2. itsourwayornorway

    Also why’d you have to go killin’ all those bees by name droppin’ JfC, as I call[ed] it, in your tags. Bested for the lasted time Devine!

  3. It’s a shame that work leads to a 3 & out, but let’s be clear – posting “Johnny Appleseed” is like having that punt duck out of bounds at the half yard line.

  4. it’s funny i go through my clash phases, will go like close to a year without even thinking about listening to them, but everytime you hear joe strummer’s voice, it’s like hearing an old friend. really regret missing the mescaleros when they played boston the numerous times throughout college…

  5. itsourwayornorway

    I actually postponed a breakup so that I could attend one of his last NE shows at the Palladium. Oh memories!

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