You have to love 24: Dude will do ANYTHING to win, up to and including going Tony Jaa on Mo Williams.  Maybe my new favorite photo.  More favorite even than:


Oh, but wait.  It’s not more favorite than this:


Photos via Sneaker Files via Trey, Facebook via Denny Does, and via Zimbio.


5 responses to “Kobe Bryant: FACE ANNIHILATOR

  1. Getting kicked in the face by Kobe MAY be the best combination of “terrifying” and “terrific” I can think of.

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  3. Kobe can score all he wants but he will never hang from the worlds most famous arena like 33 does! Fact. Also that pic of METMAN is classic and should be the first thing you see when you enter CitiField. You rock.

  4. Looks like from that angle B-Mamba must have mistaken his foot for his crank, and Mo Williams for a white chick.

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