As you slingshot into the weekend, do so thinking about the greatest pinball concept evarr

WANT.  (If you’re not familiar with Rollergames — and let me just say, boooooooooo unto you if that’s the case — you can get up to speed here.)  This + a “Wrestlefest” arcade cabinet + a bootleg DVD of WMAC Masters = a gloriously enjoyable part of my childhood that is probably best left forgotten.

The final week of the first month here at this is the city line. started with a sunshine-filled post about how most of the folks at your Super Bowl party were probably going to be jerkoff thieves (IMPORTANT CLARIFICATION: “jerkoffs who steal your food and beer,” not “people who steal jerkoffs”), followed by an unfortunate period of radio silence (a span replete with “QUIT YR DAY JOB” internal discussions) and a discussion about things you could learn online (here’s one: people are sometimes kidding when they don’t seem to be).

From there, we celebrated the anniversary by thanking those who have made this site what it is (read: ME), took a (thankfully) blurry-and-coffee-cup-obscured look at my stupid ass face, engaged in what some might call “grasping at straws” and ran through the list of things I learned while attending my first live pro hoops game in God knows how long (and a special thanks to KPMD for heading out to the game with me — great, as always, to see him).  All in all, not a bad week in this little corner of the Internet.

On my second beer, relaxing a bit before I head out to the Cask ‘n Flagon to see my old roommate’s band play in a local showcase.  If you’re there, too, just scream out, “DEVINE, WHETHER IT WAS TECHNOLOGY’S FAULT OR NOT, YOU BLEW AN OPPORTUNITY TO VASTLY INCREASE THE REACH OF YOUR BLOG BY PARTICIPATING IN THE BALL DON’T LIE LIVE BLOG LAST NIGHT.”  That way, I’ll know you’re talking to me.

Have a wondrous weekend, gangsters.  Whatever you’re doing this weekend, be safe out there — and whatever you do, watch out for that rollergator (A TOTALLY REAL THING THAT SKATERS HAD TO AVOID)!


2 responses to “As you slingshot into the weekend, do so thinking about the greatest pinball concept evarr

  1. I’m becoming the comment troll around here, but I thought about sending you a text message to pass on Skeets’ tweet. Then, I got distracted by my own blog and something shiny. Sorry.

  2. Spot on with Wrestlefest. There was nothing better than going to the Sunrise Mall in Massapequa during lunch in 12th grade and doling out massive amounts of pain with Earthquake. Good call, sir.

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