Sunday Morning: Get Focused, Champ

I’m a sucker for back-in-the-day East Coast hip-hop, and Audio Two’s “Top Billin'” will always be one of my favorites … the rhymes are equal parts catchy and kitschy, and that beat is infectious.  (You may recognize it from Grand Theft Auto IV or from 50’s “I Get Money” single … or from one of a million other tracks, since “Top Billin'” gets sampled like crazy.)  The A-side of this 12″, “Make It Funky,” ain’t so bad itself.  Perfect for knocking the Sunday mornin’ sleep out your eyes and getting yourself ready for a Mavs/Celts tilt at noon, a relatively sparse NCAA hoop slate and … hmmm … not much else.  Yeesh.

I guess you could just say screw it and listen to Milk Dee smash the beat one more time.  That’s a pretty solid option anyway, but it turns golden when staring straight into the maw of motocross and figure skating.  MC am I, people call me Milk / When I’m bustin’ up a party, I feel no guilt / Gizmo’s cuttin’ up for the / Suckas that’s down with me! All of us suckas are down with you, Milk.  4 real.

Have a great Sunday, gang.  Back tomorrow with more tomfoolery.


3 responses to “Sunday Morning: Get Focused, Champ

  1. itsourwayornorway

    Did Seth Rogan dress up as a peanut vendor, or better yet a water boy to serve him?

  2. I’m guessing you meant to write this on the Anthony Bonner post — unless Milk Dee’s been served a subpoena I’m unaware of (totally possible). Haven’t seen “Pineapple Express,” but I have to imagine that its plotline mirrors exactly the process of serving Anthony Bonner with a subpoena during an NBA preseason game in the mid-’90s.

  3. itsourwayornorway

    Bested again. Damn you Devine.

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