Stephon Marbury will now go nuclear on Moscow, Athens and the entire cast of “According to Jim”


When you inevitably make fun of my photo game, please be gentle — I know I have a long way to go. (Original Starbury courtesy of Salman Jafri/ basketball writer Chris Sheridan is reporting that Greek basketball team Olympiakos (with a K, because Tas Melas a.k.a. The Grecian Formula told me so) is pursuing former New Orleans Hornets/current Dynamo Moscow guard Jannero Pargo, last seen by North American fans jacking up shots that should have been taken by Chris Paul in the waning minutes of a Game 7 Hornets loss to the San Antonio Spurs during the 2008 Western Conference Finals.

Add in the fact that there was no contact between Olympiakos and the Knicks about Marbury’s contract situation on Thursday, and the sum works out to: We ain’t want you anymore, Steph.  (I knew those theoretical basketball math classes would help.)

It just kind of sounds weird, doesn’t it?  Yes, Marbury is an all-time team murderer, but he’s also a significantly better talent than Jannero Pargo, isn’t he?

Actually, no.  Check their per-36 numbers, courtesy of Basketball-Reference (Steph’s are here, Pargo’s are here).  Over the past three years, their points and steals per-36 have been nearly the same; Steph’s averaged about one more assist/36, but Pargo’s had about one more rebound/36; they’ve turned the ball over at roughly the same rate over the last two years; Pargo’s been a better free-throw and 3-point shooter, while Steph’s had the edge from inside the arc.  Also, Pargo’s two years younger and Steph’s batshit crazy.

Forget all the head tattoos, truck parties and the heal-the-Earth stuff.  This might be the most damning thing I’ve ever learned about Stephon Marbury: For the past three years, he hasn’t been demonstrably better than Jannero Pargo.



4 responses to “Stephon Marbury will now go nuclear on Moscow, Athens and the entire cast of “According to Jim”

  1. Here is a fun game…let’s pretend Isiah is still running things for the Knicks, what awful trade could he make with Steph’s expiring contract.

    I’m going to start with Steph & a number 1 for Larry Hughes.

    • Here’s where your logic is flawed: It is not fun to pretend Isiah’s still running things for the Knicks. Oh, wait, that’s only true for me. It IS fun for everyone else to imagine that. So let’s:

      NEW YORK trades PG Stephon Marbury and cash considerations

      OKLAHOMA trades Robert Swift, Joe Smith, Damien Wilkins, Earl Watson, DJ White, the rights to Serge Ibaka and cash considerations

      There isn’t a single useful piece there for the Knicks, they’d be saddled with two years of Wilkins, Watson and White, and the two guys up at the end of the season (Swift and Smith) have get less than half the value of Marbury’s ’09 expiring contract. That’s a pretty shitty haul, huh?

      Although … crap. Wilkins, Watson and White would equal about $10M coming off the books in ’10, which would help New York in the LBJ/Wade/Bosh/etc. sweepstakes, so I guess it wouldn’t be totally heinous. Let’s hear some more out there!

  2. itsourwayornorway

    Starbury, Nate Robinson and cash considerations to Miami for Alonzo Mourning, Mark Blount, Asst. Coach Bob McAdoo and a ham sandwich?
    Starbury and #1 Rd pick to Atlanta for Slava Medvedenko, Acie Law and (the young phenom that had Othello Harington nervous for his namesake) Othello Hunter. What the hell, and a turkey sub too.

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