Shaq Weighs in on This Year’s MVP Race

Via Twitter:

shaqpickskobeNot the most popular opinion out there given how summarily 2.0 and LeStateFarm are killing it right now, but when has that ever stopped the Diesel?  Gotta say, though: the argument was more articulately stated and better punctuated when I saw it here.

Showering, boarding a train and seeing The Wrestler at the AMC in Boston Common.  If you’re down there, shout out “DEVINE, YOUR BLOG IS NOT GOOD AND I AM NOT A FAN OF YOUR WRITING, IN FACT I’D VASTLY PREFER IT IF YOU’D STOP POSTING ENTIRELY SIR!”  That way, I’ll know you’re talking to me and not someone else.


2 responses to “Shaq Weighs in on This Year’s MVP Race

  1. itsourwayornorway

    you know, I heard Mickey Rourke was running shirtless down the middle of the highway with white powder on his chest. UW.

  2. You have to understand – this is also from the person who said: “Bernie macs last movie soul man is the funniest movie ever, im watchn it now n denver”

    You have to take his opinion with a grain of salt, no?

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