This explains why the Jaguars fell apart this year

As it turns out, understanding the sour, season-long debacle in Jacksonville is easier than we thought it was.

It had nothing to do with the tragic Richard Collier incident, the Mexican standoff between coach Jack Del Rio and middle linebacker Mike Peterson, David Garrard’s shocking lack of silkiness, failed science experiment Matt Jones selling off all team training equipment for blow, elder statesman Fred Taylor’s commendable lack of leadership or any of the other indicators of a locker room rift wide enough to devour whole planets unlucky enough to orbit into its gravitational field.

Nope.  It was because this lady showed up at practice every day.

Her video title says “Cheetah Lady,” but her displeasure with “being a wild animal … that has to hunt for [her] prey”?  That’s pure Jerry Porter.

(Thanks, The Internet is Terrible.)


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