about the title

From whence does the name come?

This blog’s name comes from a lyric in “Silence Kit,” a phenomenal song by a phenomenal band called Pavement. Full lyrics are available here.

Where can one find this song?

The song is on a phenomenal album called Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain. The album came out in 1994, when I was 11 years old. It remains dope today. The album looks like this:

There's no photo here. That stinks.

Want to sample the whole record? You should, because it’s great. You can listen to it here.

But why, Papa? Why is this blog called this is the city line.?

Because my name’s Devine, and I always thought it’d be awesome to have “The City Line” be the name of my backing band when I became a lounge singer (not unlike Barry Jive having the Uptown Five). But since I couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket and am as agile as a bag of shit (thanks, Dad!), me leading a band doesn’t appear too likely, and I didn’t want this slick idea to go to waste. Also, I’m a jerkoff who intentionally ditched the initial cap on “This,” as well as a grammar douche who added a period at the end to make the site’s name a complete sentence, lest my editorial OCD go into hyperdrive every time I visited my own blog.

Hence, you’re here. Welcome.


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